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How to SAVE iPhone XS Max & XR A12 SHSH2 Blobs: iOS 12.1.1 Beta 3

Jailbreak iOS 12 Prep: Save Signed Blobs Supported by iOS 12 Jailbreak

This article was written to provide you with everything you need to save SHSH2 blobs for iOS 12.1.1 beta 3. In addition to an in-depth video (above), all the links you need are listed below. This process is super simple for everything A12 and under (older than the iPhone XS). However for A12 devices, a little extra work is required. Again, everything you need can be found here!

Download Links to Save A12 SHSH2 iOS 12.1.1 Beta 3 Blobs

iOS 12 Jailbreak

  1. Website tool to actually save blobs (click/tap here).
  2. Stek29 Nonce Setter iOS 12 for A12 (click here on PC/Mac).
  3. Cydia Impactor utility to sideload Nonce Setter (click here on PC/Mac).
  4. Generate app-specific password for your Apple ID (click/tap here).
  5. HomeBrew URL: (don’t forget the “s” in HTTPS).

Terminal Commands, 4 in Total (Reference Above Video)


ideviceenterrecovery UDID

irecovery -q

irecovery -n



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  1. Did everything as shown in the video but on the tss saver webpage the 12.1.1 beta 3 folders are blank. there is nothing to download on there.. They are all empty. Any solution for that?

    1. Holy shit this took like 3 hours at least, lucky I’m a software developer.. found irecovery here.. had to clone it and compile/install it.
      I had problems with getting ideviceinfo working too but finally got my SHSH blobs now.. 🙂

        1. Sure, it’s not that hard 🙂
          Navigate to the folder in terminal where you want to clone the repository, then you run this.
          git clone
          sudo make install

          you might have to run sudo chmod 755 to give it permission to install but I’m not sure I think I did.

          if you need additional help you can contact me Skype nesox123 Discord: Nesox#1583

          1. Thank you for providing extra assistance to those who need it. We were able to get it to function as expected without compiling. I’m glad you were able to get it to work! #jailbreakparty

    1. I get the same error… I tried this:

      but with no success..

      I really don’t know what I am doing wrong..

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