downgrade iOS 14

  • Nov- 2020 -
    11 November
    Download iOS 14 public beta 1

    Downgrade iOS 14.2 to iOS 14.1 to Jailbreak SOON!

    Recently Apple released iOS 14.2. On the surface, iOS 14.2 offers some very appealing features and changes. However, iOS 14.2 is hiding something nefarious: security patches. iOS 14.2 closes key kernel vulnerabilities that exist in iOS 14.1 and below. It’s possible that said vulnerabilities could be exploited to lead to and iOS 14 jailbreak! That’s why today we will show you exactly how to downgrade from iOS 14.2 to iOS 14.1. However it is important to mention that you must act quickly, as Apple will STOP signing iOS 14.1 shortly!

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  • Jun- 2020 -
    25 June
    How to Delete Cydia iOS 13 Jailbreak

    Downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13

    Today, following the release of iOS 14 beta, we’re going to teach you how to go back to iOS 13. Millions watched Apple reveal iOS 14 on their virtual stage during WWDC 2020, and hundreds of thousands of brave souls have installed the first beta on their main devices. If you’re plagued with iOS 14 beta woes, don’t worry. There’s an easy way to downgrade iOS 14 to iOS 13. Keep reading to find out how.

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