Jailbreak iOS 12.1

  • Feb- 2019 -
    22 February
    Jailbreak iOS 14
    Jailbreak iOS 12.1.2 Unc0ver

    How to Jailbreak iOS 12 – 12.1.2 with Unc0ver

    Jailbreak iOS 12.1.2 using Uncover for iOS 12 on every iPhone, iPod touch & iPad – The new iOS 12 – 12.1.2 jailbreak for all devices is now available to download! That’s right, after months of waiting for a new jailbreak utility for iOS 12, it’s now possible to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod or iPad running iOS 12 through iOS 12.1.2! In addition to being able to download Unc0ver for iOS 12.1.2 and lower, this tutorial will guide you through the steps to jailbreak iOS 12.1.2 successfully.

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  • Nov- 2018 -
    6 November
    Jailbreak iOS 14
    iOS 12.1 Jailbreak A12

    iOS 12.1 Jailbreak Achieved for iPhone XS Max

    In a surprise tweet, Liang Chen (Keen Labs member) teased proof of an iOS 12.1 A12 jailbreak. This is fantastic news! Electra developer Coolstar original stated that an A12 jailbreak would be incredibly difficult to develop. Now however it seems as though one has in fact been achieved on the iPhone XS Max!

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  • Oct- 2018 -
    31 October
    Downgrade iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.0.1

    Downgrade iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.0.1 and Jailbreak Update

    Downgrade iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.0.1 & Jailbreak Update – In the world of jailbreaking and iOS, things are always in flux. While we may be on the verge of receiving new jailbreaks, not every firmware is created equal! In light of recent developments, it looks as though iOS 12.1 may be harder to jailbreak than iOS 12.0.x. Thankfully, it’s still possible to revert back to iOS 12.0.1 for the time being. To improve your odds of jailbreaking by downgrading to iOS 12.0.1, continue reading.

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  • 30 October
    jailbreak ios 12.1

    iOS 12.1 Jailbreak Update

    Jailbreak iOS 12 News and Updates. Apple Releases iOS 12 – Today Apple has released iOS 12.1 to the general public after 5 betas. For more information on iOS 12.1 and how it impacts jailbreaking, we’ve issued a new update video. Embedded above, we’ll walk you through everything from iOS 12.1’s features to new jailbreak exploits!

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