How to Install iOS 13.2 Beta 2

Download iOS 13.2 Beta Links (BOOKMARK)

Download links for iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 can be found here. This is the first major beta release since iOS 13 was made available in mid September. Thankfully, due to recent developments, Apple has made it easier to install iOS 13.2! The new beta features Apple’s Deep Fusion for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Get iOS 13.2 early by following the steps outlined in this article. 

Download iOS 13.2

Download iOS 13 Button

How to Install iOS 13.2 (STEPS)

Download iOS 13

Step 1: Visit the above download page for the iOS 13.2 profile.

Step 2: One redirected, tap where it says download. You’ll then receive a pop-up asking you to allow the profile. Tap “Allow”.

Step 3: Go to the Settings app and tap “Profile Downloaded” at the top. Tap “Install” three times to the prompts (inputting your passcode when asked) and reboot.

Step 4: Unlock your device and navigate to the Settings app once more. This time go to General > Software Update. Tap through the prompts to “Download and Install” iOS 13 GM.

Step 5: After a very long “Preparing Update…” step, tap “Install Now” to the prompt. After your device finishes the update process, you’ll be running either iOS 13.2 or iPadOS 13.2; congratulations!

iOS 13 FUTURE Betas & Changes

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One Comment

  1. when the actual version of IOS 13 releases will it just pop up In the software update or will I have to like reset my phone or go to an older backup?

  2. I have an iphone xs max in version 12 and I want to install the gm version of ios 13, is there a risk? is it really necessary to make a backup because I have no place of storage?

  3. Its saying i dont need any updats and i have ios 12.4 and i just got the beta and there is nothing different

  4. Hey Tanner, need ur help dude.. im stuck on the “estimating time remaining” page for over 15 minutes now and nothing is happening.. i can use the phone as normal though, its just that the update isn’t downloading.. im trying to update to ios 13 b5 btw..

  5. Sorry for bothering you guys all. I play fortnite mobile , does it crash still on the latest beta ?

  6. I just downloaded iOS 13 beta 3 but in my setting keeps showing that I have a upgrade and it wouldn’t let me download need help.

    1. If you are on jailbreak then you can’t update your ios. You should first remove the jailbreak and also turn off the switch for the disable updates on the jailbreak app you are using

  7. I’m using iOS12… beta so I downloaded iOS 13 beta profiles and downloaded iOS 13 beta 2 Can’t install iOS. Kindly request

  8. i downloaed xcode 11 beta 1 on my macOS high sieera but doesn’t work than i downloaded xcode 11 beta 1 again on macOS Mojave but its says it want install because its downloaded on high sieera how i solve this .

  9. I have downloaded IPSW keeps showing iTunes need to be updated to install ios13. Could anyone help please

  10. Does anyone know if we can delete Xcode after successfully updating all our devices or do we have to keep it until the final public release

  11. I upgrade my Mac to 10.15, so I don’t have iTunes. How to install iOS 13 for iPad without iTunes?

    1. Plug your phone in and click on any finder window and select your iPhone on the left menu. Everything has been moved there.

  12. Love how this dude baits you with “links are here”, disables comments, disables access to website if adblock is on, and shoves 200 ads on a page that says “please refresh my ad-laden website often for more info!”. You are so easily seen through. You are a fraud and should be ashamed but likely arent.

  13. There will not be any profile, only using iTunes… check this tweet to see more detailes

      1. No one knows for sure. But that’s the way it looks at the moment. Could change in a few hours or a day.

  14. The apple beta site has been up now for quite a while with the ios 13 developers beta sooooooo can yall put it on this site now pleasee

        1. thanks so much hopefully itll be there sometime today i would install the beta of mac os but not on my 2018 macbook pro i just want ios 13 for my xr


  15. When do you think it will be up? and if i already have a ios 12 beta profile an the newest ios 12 software, do you think that id get the ios 13 update sense i already have 12.4

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