Jailbreak iOS 14

iOS 12 Jailbreak Updates: Kernel Exploit!

Simone Ferrini Exploits iOS 12's Kernel, No iOS 11.4.1 Support

Jailbreak iOS 12 and iOS 11.4.1 Updates – Today we have incredibly exciting news to share regarding the development of a new jailbreak! It looks like jailbreaking will continue to thrive beyond the current iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak. Security researcher Simone Ferrini tweeted that he has successfully achieved “Kernel R/W” access on iOS 12 beta 12!

iOS 12 Jailbreak Update

In essense, Ferrini has deployed a very low-level exploit required for the development of a full-fledged iOS 12 jailbreak!

For a complete breakdown, be sure to watch the YouTube video analysis embedded above. Stay tuned and follow us on social for full updates. Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend!



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