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iOS 13 Jailbreak for Windows Released Yet? Status Checker

Checkra1n Windows Jailbreak iOS 13 Downloads HERE (BOOKMARK)

NO! an iOS 13 jailbreak for Windows has yet to be released. Currently the latest jailbreak, dubbed checkra1n, only supports macOS. Like its macOS counterpart, once checkra1n is released for windows, it will support up to the A11 CPU. This means you’ll be able to jailbreak iOS 13 on Windows on the iPhone X and older.

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We’re about to enter a golden age of jailbreaking. Due to checkra1n, we’re going to get more than just 1 or 2 jailbreaks a year! When a Windows jailbreak is released, download links will be listed here. This page is auto-updating, meaning the second a utility is released, we’ll have you covered. Subscribe to iCrackUriDevice to be notified once the Windows jailbreak for iOS 13 is released.

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  1. Yo a full year later on New Year’s Day and still nothin for windows. This post is aging. Us windows plebs are the big sad 🙁

  2. Hi
    I have iphone se running ios 13.3.1
    Can i jailbreak ? I f yes
    Tell hiw can i do it
    Thank you 🙏

  3. Hurry up and do the windows download ra1nstorm doesn’t work at all I’ve tryed it on 5 laptops Nd pc nothing no options to go threw it

  4. what is Ra1nUSB then ? Is it Safe if we do all of their steps to Jailbreak on our Windows Computer ? its gettin Weird, Can’t W8 🙁

    1. Just run virtual box and install MacOS you’re welcome. Watch some videos on YouTube before you do so everyone. And back up! When you do so, you’ll need USB 3.0 on virtual box as well.. so install that. Just search on Google for the virtual of expansion. It’s at no cost.

  5. Hi, I never jailbreaked my phone before and i have windows. Can i jailbreak older vgersion like 12.4 and if i can where to download it.

  6. I am currently using iPhone 7 iOS 12.4 jailbroken on uncover. I am waiting for windows version of checkrain. Would I be able to jailbreak on 12.4 on my iPhone 7? & what if apple stops signing ios 13.2.3?

    1. Yes search for Ra1nStorm Checkra1n it basically sets your PC up a Linux Distro that will run Mac VM and be able to jailbreak. It’s complicated and time consuming and many errors can occur including missing drivers. So if you are tech savvy YES you can JB on a windows based computer. But not on A windows Operating System just yet.

      1. I’ve successfully used OSX VM’s in the past with previous Jailbreaks that weren’t yet available in windows, if you tried and failed I can’t help but wonder:
        – Did you use VMWare Workstation (or some other VM host software – afaik/last-I-Checked VMWare is the only 100% MacOS X compatible (capable) [Workstation Pro Edition at least, unsure about ESX…]), What version of Mac OS (latest?)
        – Did you make sure to connect the iPhone/iPad/etc to the virtual machine instead of the host OS?
        -Lastly did you use USB 2 or 3 for the VM (as USB 3 often doesn’t work right – granted I haven’t tried out the newest devices and cables that are actually USB3 natively).

    1. You can’t put a release date on stuff like this. There’s entirely too much that can go wrong from now till said date therefore you’ll have to just wait till it’s announced.

    I‘ve got some new awesome news for you please contact me or give me an email or some way to contact you

  8. Hi I just watched the latest video and it stated ipad 6 is broken . Will it be fixed soon or is it just impossible?

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