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  • Sep- 2020 -
    5 September
    Jailbreak iOS 14
    Jailbreak iOS 13 windows

    Windows Checkra1n Jailbreak iOS 13.7

    Checkra1n is a fantastic jailbreak utility! It’s capable of jailbreaking the iPhone X and older FOR LIFE! There’s only one problem: no official Windows support. Initially, checkra1n was released exclusively for macOS. However, since then, the developers have added Linux support. This is great for two reasons. Firstly, it allows a larger non-Windows user-base to jailbreak via the utility. But secondly, and almost more importantly, it enables us to easily jailbreak on Windows. All we need are two things: a custom linux distribution and a flash drive larger than 2GB!

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  • May- 2020 -
    23 May
    Cydia Tweaks
    top jailbreak iOS 13.5 tweaks

    Top 15+ BEST iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Tweaks for Unc0ver!

    Fresh of the heels of the brand new iOS 13.5 jailbreak, we have an all-new list of top jailbreak tweaks to share! These new cydia tweaks not only work with the latest unc0ver 13.5 jailbreak, but also with all devices.There’s only one requirement: you must be jailbroken! These are the first Cydia tweaks to install on your iOS 13.5 jailbreak right now! Check out all 15 tweaks, plus some bonus tweaks, after the break.

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  • Nov- 2019 -
    21 November
    Jailbreak iOS 14
    Jailbreak iOS 13 windows

    iOS 13 Jailbreak for Windows Released Yet? Status Checker

    NO! an iOS 13 jailbreak for Windows has yet to be released. Currently the latest jailbreak, dubbed checkra1n, only supports macOS. Like its macOS counterpart, once checkra1n is released for windows, it will support up to the A11 CPU. This means you’ll be able to jailbreak iOS 13 on Windows on the iPhone X and older.

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